Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Love's Temple Scene from Youtube

Here it is, I just watched it. I didn't see the excommunication scene. I still am shocked that they were able to get all of the details. Having been through the Temple I wonder what I would of thought of this say 5 years ago. I really would of been outraged. Now when I see it I am sad. I didn't know at the time that Joseph Smith had stole the Ceremony from the Masons. So many of my LDS family and friends are hurt by this showing. I feel bad that they hurt, and I feel bad that I can't tell them the truth. The church has lied and they can't keep those lies hidden any longer. It will be interesting to see the impact of the Internet and those willing to tell the truth with have on the church. Maybe nothing will change, yet maybe if just some find the truth....maybe they can finally be free. I wish they had shown the commitment in the Temple where you promise to 'give all' you have to the church. That is a huge promise and a promise that really weighed heavy on us financially for many years. I have to admit its nice having the extra money around now that usually the church got.

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  1. Too bad you wouldn't give your best to the church, maybe you wouldn't believe Satan's lies--deep down you must know the Church is true. We have found the truth, Sister! It is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I used to be anti-mormon, but realized I didn't know everything--sounds like you think you do. You will regret leaving the Church someday. Thats the truth. You can't deny the Spirit and expect to be right.